No Nama File Aksi
1 Renstra IAIN Tulungagung Download
2 SK Alih Status IAIN Tulungagung Download
3 RIP IAIN Tulungagung Download
4 Ortaker IAIN Tulungagung Download
5 Renstra FTIK Download
6 Renop FTIK Download
7 Renstra PGMI Download
8 Renop PGMI Download
9 Pedoman Bimbingan Skripsi Download
10 Pedoman Magang 2019 Download
11 Buku Panduan Akademik Download
12 Buku Kepenasihatan Akademik Download
13 Pedoman KKN 2019 Download
14 SOP Praktikum Lab Bahasa Download
15 Pedoman Kinerja Tenaga Kependidikan Download
16 Kode Etik Dosen Download
17 Grand Desain (AMI) Download
18 Pedoman BKD Download
18 SOP Bimbingan Skripsi Download
19 SOP Microteaching Download

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